A virtual classroom that makes remote education more easy and efficient

Every class is different and so are their needs. That is why we want to give you an easy tool that works on all devices, so that you can spend more time on what really matters.

Get started quickly

Create a course, invite your students and start the session. Thats it!

Get a live overview

In a glimpse, you and your students get a clear overview who’s next in line as well as what they need help with. When a student no longer needs help, their ticket is removed from the queue keeping it clean and up to date.

Group by needs

Have you ever helped a student with a question only to go to the next student to answer the same question again? Well, we can help you save some time and quickly see when that is the case so that you can help more students at once.

Engage students

Giving students an easy way to express what they need help with makes it easier for their peers to help with easier questions. This not only creates a better and more engaging learning environment, it also gives you more time to spend it where it is needed the most.


Would it not be great to see how your session with your students went and where they struggled the most? It’s a good thing that you get a summary after each session.


Curious to see how engaged your students are? Or perhaps which part of the course your students struggle with the most? It’s a good thing that you can track and follow up on that.

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